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I write this blog today to reflect what I feel should by some intelligent person be reflected. I have way too much  knowledge and education to let my voice go unheard. My rant today is in regards to the new immigration law. This law is to say the best I can is crap. Instead of fixing this social problem it is creating so many more. Here is the take on this; I understand completely why we would enact such a crazy law. Drug smugglers are killing innocent people, there is fear within several communities and yes there is a lot of pressure to fix the situation. If you haven’t read yet about this law please read here. 

I live in Arizona so you can see how this well make an impact on my life and those around me. I love this state and I am proud to call it home. However, Arizona is not solely to blame for this law. Immigration illegally has been a problem as for as I can remember. Why didn’t the government both state and federal try to fix this problem before? Yes they made a fence, yes they have more border patrol agents, and yes yes yes. This is social problem which calls for social support. My idea is to stop spending money on fences, agents who just sit in their cars waiting for a “mexican looking vehicle”. Why doesn’t out government put money into Mexico? Why don’t we have factories in Mexico? I understand China is cheap labor, but if we can give Mexico job opportunities they can employ their citizens. When the citizens have jobs they can return in to their Country and stimulate the economy there. Provide their government with money who can in turn shape Mexico into a better community.

This also makes it seem that we are labeling what it is to be an American. I thought being an American was being white, black, hispanic, asian, Indian, having different cultures and beliefs. Now being American means you need to be either white or black. If you look like you are not from around here then you are pinned as being suspicious. According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary suspicious means:

1 : tending to arouse suspicion : questionable <suspicious characters>
2 : disposed to suspect : distrustful <suspicious of strangers>
3 : expressing or indicative of suspicion <a suspicious glance>

There is no part that says being Hispanic!

We are dividing communities. Those who support this law either think it will  have a quick fix, haven’t done the research or really believe it is the answer. Those who are against this law feel it be un-American, racists and a way out. Right now a lot of people are wanting to sue Arizona. We are “America” and we are oppressing individuals. Now tell me what is American about that.

We should be building on Mexico’s assets.


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          We all know what alcoholism is, and what an alcoholic is. However, there are not too many people who actually can spot the signs of alcoholism. Nor know the true extent of it. My mission for this blog to educate you the readers on alcoholism and to make it even better I am going to tell you how it affects your community!

I will try to make this exciting you don’t have to take to many shots to enjoy it…that would defeat the whole purpose.

Ready to learn about Alcoholism? Good it wasn’t an option.

What are ten warning signs of alcoholism? Which I found here.

  1. Drinking alone.
      2. Making excuses, finding excuses to drink.
      3. Daily or frequent drinking needed to function.
      4. Inability to reduce or stop alcohol intake.
      5. Violent episodes associated with drinking.
      6. Drinking secretly.
      7. Becoming angry when confronted about drinking.
      8. Poor eating habits.
      9. Failure to care for physical appearance.
    10. Trembling in the morning.

Now that you know the signs of alcoholism you are going to watch a video.

Exciting video was it not? Alcoholism in the community is a huge thing. There are social problems related to alcohol use and abuse. Where there are bars there are people who drive home drunk from them. This causes a social, economic and health consequences for both the driver and anyone he may come in contact with. This affects community’s legal sanctions. It affects laws and even the sale of alcohol. Alcohol and the Community can also be looked at on how it affects the individual. Suffering from alcohol abuse affects the individual’s life and how they live it. Their family can no longer be supportive of their choices, and they become socially withdrawn and isolated. They may lose their jobs and end up with nothing.

So without being emotional here and telling you a life story I am  going to leave you with this:

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Dead man walking

There is nothing funny about the death penalty. Though I wish there were so I could make a good joke. For this blog I decided to focus on Arizona’s death penalty. I am going to examine both sides; for and against. Get cozy in your favorite chair because this might get gruesome.  Don’t worry I am not going to make you watch a video of somebody being executed. Though, if you really want they are not too hard to find.

There are five methods of execution that are used in the United States: Lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, hanging and firing squad. (I found this fun fact here) However, in Arizona they use lethal injection to get the job done. This has been shown to be more humane. Lethal injection works within seven minutes of it being administrated. Though, there is some that would argue that it is not. I will play on this later.

Pro: For the death penalty

Victim gets closure

Crime deterrent

Cuts cost of housing a prisoner for extended time

Severe punishment for severe act

Con: Against the death penalty

Morale issue

Two wrongs don’t make a right

U.S. Constitution: Eight Amendment = Seen as cruel or unusual punishment

Wrongly accused

It of course is up to the individual to decide whether they feel it is wrong or right. Some say if you commit the crime you do the time.  Others say you make the bed you lie in. I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for those who are suffer the death penalty. For the simple fact is it is usually their fault for being in that position. Now let us move on because I am sure your dying to know how this relates to the community.

Not only did I find this topic under community issues- which ensures me it is a community issue but the community I live in practices this. I should be well informed and so should you. Read more here about Arizona and the death penalty here.   Now that you read that section let’s move on and wrap up this blog. Killing the prisoner-inmate creates victims among victims but at the same time is the justice system at work.  This can segregate people in the community those are for and those who are against.  Costs of life imprisonment and execution all affect the community; their tax rates, money for education and how the government has the ability to help those in need. You know the other people who have other community issues. Just read other blogs to see what the government could be helping with.  Now that I am done with this blog I am going to go write my pen pal in prison! Oh I kid.

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Almost half the world — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.

That barely buys you a coffee in the United States

Poverty doesn’t discriminate against nations, genders or race it affects everyone. What is poverty? Poverty is not being able to meet human needs because these needs can’t be afford to be met. It is hunger, lack of shelter, being sick and not being able to get medicine or going to the doctor. Poverty is also having access to an educational system. Poverty can show its face as death, illness and dieses. When there is not clean water, adequate food supply or medication for the sick or hunger death ultimately can occur. Poverty affects nearly every region, every country some worse than others.

Poverty is just as real in America and it is in other populations. We don’t hear about poverty here to much as we do other countries such as Africa because the mortality rate is higher. What you don’t know is that poverty affects every community. It can be a few individuals to many. The homeless the hungry and the underfed are all individuals living within poverty.

As a community we can stand up and  end poverty! It takes a community to join together to bring in the needed resources to fight against the many aspects of poverty. In a recent issue by TIME magazine, it had looked to end poverty. It assumes to do it by clinical economics. This combines good economics and good medicine. Since poverty is multidimensional so are the solutions for it. Each case of poverty is going to take a different solution. An individual may help their community by donating food, money, clothes, school supplies and other needed resources.

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Child Abuse

 Child Abuse

When love hurts

            Child abuse is far too common than people realize or would like to admit. What is child abuse? What types of child abuse are there? Child abuse goes deeper then the scratches it may leave. Child abuse has many different aspects and can take on many forms. There is physical, emotional, and sexual and child neglect that are all forms of child abuse. Physical abuse is when the child experiences and receives physical forms of pain. This may be hitting, smacking, kicking and even breaking of a bone. This type of abuse may occur during some various form of punishment or may be a direct intentional act. Emotional child abuse is when the child is taunted, belittling and calling names. The child is often humiliated and is shameful of them. This can also be depriving the child of needed attention. Sexual abuse is one of the most horrific types of abuse out there and is growing far to common. Sexual abuse is unwanted touching, feeling, and other forms of sexual encounters. This is very hard to for children because it carries a lot of shame with it and they are often blaming themselves for the actions. Sexual abuse is usually done by somebody close to the survivor but may be done by somebody outside of the circle. Child neglect is when the child is deprived of the resources needed for survival. These resources are food, clean clothes, shelter and supervision. This is not a easy type of abuse to spot.

I do apologize for the content of this video: However like I stated child abuse isn’t pretty

“My relationship with mom drastically changed from discipline to punishment that grew out of control. It became so bad at times, I had no strength to crawl away–even if it meant saving my life.” The Child Called It. Chapter 3, Bad Boy, pg. 29. Dave Pelzer

Child abuse is 100% preventable. So why are there some many cases of it? What can a community do to help stop and prevent child abuse from occurring? Child abuse is vicious circle. There are several direct as well as indirect ways you can help your community fight child abuse. You may yourself become an active member in your community and join with those around you to raise awareness and to educate on child abuse. You and your community can serve as mentors and caring figures to them. You may indirectly decide to report a case or may give money to an organization that is able to directly help those in need. Never be passive, be active. Your part in a community is helping those around you. 

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What is it? Who does it exist among? And what is the difference between be racist and discriminating?

                These are very good questions. And is it important to answer them honestly and openly.  First before we dive into racism and its aspects let me address a few things. In every community racism exists and those being accused of being racist and those suffering from it.  Be honest with yourself for a moment and think about this: Have you ever laughed at a racist joke? Made a racist joke? You may be too afraid to admit but most of us have and not even realized it was racists.

This video has tacky music but describes the difference between racism and discrimination and offers some advice.

I found an interesting article about prejudice and stereotypes. This article explains what roles stereotypes play in the human psyche.  Wither we like it or have not noticed it racism is everywhere. Racism is just not limited to color but religion, culture, ethnicity and anything that reveals the basic nature of a human.

Racists’ jokes and remarks are everywhere. They are not just limited to one certain group but all groups in general.  Racism seems to be in TV shows, music, and all over the internet. Racism is being interrogated to everything as we know it.  Every community must face it, wither they know it’s in their backyard or not. If there is a diverse population there will always be prejudice and racism.  Let’s not forget women are among this population. Visit this site and read what it has to offer on how we form stereotypes and prejudice.


A community can stand together to fight racism. A community can build and provide tools to combat and educate about racism.  The individual should matter not race, culture, gender and religion. A community is a melting pot of diversity and a community can stand against and create racism.

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